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Artwork Preparation Specifications

If you already have a designer or have existing artwork then follow our artwork instructions below for submitting your print ready artwork.

PDF supplied files must be Press or Print Optimised. Images and graphics must be in CMYK format. Please note High Resolutions PDF files are our preferred format for supply of artwork.

We can also handle artwork in the following software packages – Quark Xpress 10.0, Adobe Indesign CS2, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop.

If you are not supplying artwork in one of the above software packages please output your files as an EPS or Press Ready/High Resolution PDF. Please supply all fonts used or outline text before saving.

If you are not supplying High Resolution PDF, please supply all original files along with any imported scans, logos, fonts etc. Supply a laser proof with all files, marked with sizes, scales, fonts, software used and any other relevant information. Please work to whole scales i.e. 1:2, 1:4, 1:10 etc.

Scans Save all scanned images in CMYK TIFF format unless clipping paths have been used. In that case use EPS. Colour and greyscale scans should be used at 100% final size with a resolution of 100dpi.

Scaling is allowed, if the final effective resolution is close to 100dpi. For example, a 100dpi image placed in a document at 200% size will print as only 50dpi, resulting in visable pixilation. If enlarging the image is unavoidable, using Photoshop to resize the image will smooth out pixilation.

Additional Notes:

Positional Proof – This proof is usually a laser or inkjet run off which we can only use for positional accuracy. Positional proofs cannot be used for colour matching.

Colour Matching – If you send a match print or other hard copy printed material we will check your file prior to printing. If we cannot achieve a reasonable match we will call you to discuss. It is not always possible to match pantone colours using CMYK printers. Our printers and media are carefully calibrated but if no colour proof is provided we can only print what is supplied to us.

Please make sure that the artwork files supplied match our specification. We cannot be held responsible for errors that occur resulting from artwork supplied that does not meet our requirements and reserve the right to charge for any remedial work prior to printing. Correct artwork means no additional charges or delays.

For help or advice please call us and speak to the artwork department.